No more room. The PistenBully team was thrilled to welcome countless visitors.

In focus. The PistenBully EQ.2 with diesel-electric drive.

The 45-to winch on the PistenBully 600 and 600 Polar is equipped with active winch control and now with an available rope length monitor.

May. 4, 2011

Interalpin live: The shape of things. The PistenBully world!

Bigger and more international than ever. This applies to the Interalpin 2011 and Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG. With over 600 exhibitors and 19,500 visitors, the Interalpin is the world exhibition for the cable car industry and mountain sports.

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG not only presented model highlights, but also new technologies, thus, consolidating its innovative leadership. In addition to the refined study of the PistenBully EQ.2 with hybrid drive, there were other innovations: the PistenBully 100 has a more powerful engine and the PistenBully 600 W Polar is even stronger and safer than before thanks to the new 4.5-tonne winch.

Progress with an eye for the environment: the PistenBully EQ.2.
The thinking is reflected in action. This makes Kässbohrer a pioneer in the development of environmentally-friendly PistenBully. The PistenBully 600 with diesel-electric drive (hybrid drive) consumes up to 25 % less fuel and emits less CO2. Attachments powered hydraulically to date can now be powered electrically. The concept of the hybrid enables us to turn the PistenBully into a kind of PowerStation in future: it provides enough power to operate external electric tools, e.g. for repair work.

More pull behind it.
Kässbohrer also demonstrates its innovative strength in winch technology. The market leader was the first manufacturer worldwide to develop a powerful and reliable winch – for the PistenBully PB 200 DW in 1982 and this has been consistently redeveloped ever since. The latest model is the new 4.5-tonne winch – it has only been on the market a short time. More power, increased service life for the gear wheels and shaft bearings and a usable rope length of 1,050 m all speak in the new winch's favour. Kässbohrer has of course thought about the driver's safety too: sensors and acoustic signals warn of any coiling errors and show the remaining available rope length.

Impressed customers are the best argument.
The Jungholz ski resort in the Tannheimer Valley uses the latest snow management with GPS technology. Hans Eugen Hatt, the operator of the Jungholz ski resort, is pleased about much shorter snow times and optimised slope grooming workflows: "With SNOWsat we can achieve much better resource management, use less energy and water." The quality of the slopes is also vastly improved. We were able to avoid melting in warm periods, meaning we always had total snow covering.

Experts from the SNOWsat team were on hand at the Interalpin to answer detailed questions. SNOWsat is available for new PistenBully 400 and 600 as basic equipment ex works, but it can also be retrofitted at any time.

Not only in winter, if it snows….
PistenBully GreenTech are ideal vehicles for moving silage in biogas plants, for forestry work on remote terrain, for mowing and mulching work on ecologically sensitive ground or for work on wetlands.

A used PistenBully 300 in PREMIUM finish, the Formatic 350, the PistenBully Paana, PistenBully 100, and the PistenBully 400 Park completed the presentation.

Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG offered a comprehensive look at its product range at the Interalpin 2011 with numerous technical highlights.